Paperman is a platform through which you can raise monthly funds for your organization by motivating people to donate their trash for your cause.

NGOs using the platform
We are the cleanest and most sustainable fundraising platform for your cause. Get your supporters to clear their trash with us and use the funds generated to power your mission.
Lakh rupees raised
Impact the lives of millions of under privileged people across the country and share your stories of change to bring in more supporters.
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Paperman not only raises funds, but also helps you build a community of supporters around your cause

Prakash Mathew

Trustee of Trust, Prathyasha

"Paperman's unique and innovative method to catalyse the masses to serve the cause of eco-friendliness and still mobilise funds for Prathyasha has paid rich dividends for our Home of Hope for Hiv+ Children at Avadi.Kudos !"

Raising money for your cause has never been this easy

Simple and effective fundraising

Paperman funds Non profits

Paperman fundraising is only for social projects. We making this platform a sustainable fundraiser for people who are working to shape a better world.

Paperman works with kabadiwallahs

Paperman works with authorized kabadiwallahs (waste paper mart shops). They are the lifeline of recycling in india where only 20% recycling happens. We help them to become better waste entrepreneurs by organizing this community.

People love supporting causes

Clearing trash has never been so much fun for people. They love supporting a cause- It helps them to make a positive environmental impact and create social impactat a click of a button.

Paperman exists to make waste management exciting

Paperman exists to make waste management easy and an interesting process for every indian. We have a long way to go.

Paperman collects a 20 % fee from the total funding accumulated every month. The goal amount does not include this fee, it is above the goal amount . That is, if you are raising ₹1,00,000 as your goal amount we aim to raise ₹1,20,000.

The time period to achieve a goal is by default one year from the day of approval of your campaign. The non-profit can extend its goal after the period to continue receiving funds from its supporters.

The funds accumulated from the first day of the month to the last day of the month are transferred to the non-profit’s account before the 15th of the subsequent month. The minimum transfer amount is ₹2000.

Paperman’s services are available across Chennai. This means your supporters - wherever they are in Chennai - can donate their trash for your cause.

It is quite easy, but it depends mostly on how serious you are about achieving you goal. We will provide avenues through which you can reach a maximum number of people to recycle for your cause. Investing time into spreading the word through the right mix of online and on ground activities will help you achieve your goal faster.

Only if the organization does not clearly explain what social impact it makes.

We would love to help you shape a better world. We promote non-profits that keep their supporters engaged by providing better visibility on the website and suggesting supporters to their campaigns.

We have created a goal setting tool that will help you set a realistic goal for your campaign. We will provide you tips all along the way to help you achieve your goals

Yes once you achieve your goal, you will be allowed to extend your goal to keep encouraging your supporters to further fund you.

Impactees are 100-character post along with an image that shows people the impact you are making. You can post your impactees from your dashboard. Impactees will help keep your customers engaged and also help you gain visibility on Paperman’s home page. Inspiring more supports to choose your cause.

There are many tools that we provide that will help your supporters/members to directly and indirectly register to recycle with Paperman.

We dream a world where trash becomes a resource for social change.

Are you the change of the World needs?